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Bay Street Yard is a truly unconventional and exciting concept, seamlessly merging historic with modern amenities to create a vibrant outdoor entertainment venue. Its utilization of shipping containers amongst the repurposed riverside warehouses of Downtown Fort Myers adds a unique industrial charm, while offering practical function. Each container has a distinct program – bar, restroom, refrigeration, storage – which collectively define spatial relationships across an open yard.


The layout of the yard has a diverse range of areas such as a food truck alley, stage and Jumbotron, two bars and a variety of seating areas, including the  VIP upper deck, high-top drink rails, lounge chairs, and intermingled open spaces for dancing or playing games  with lush greenery throughout.

The process to design a “not-building” was challenging to navigate to bring the vision to life. However, the perseverance and ingenuity of the creative team undoubtedly paid off, resulting in Downtown Fort Myers’ backyard garden.

Bay Street Yard
Bay Street Yard

Bay Street Yard is more than just a venue; it’s a testament to the power of imagination and collaboration  in transforming a vacant urban space into a vibrant community hub.  Strike up the band, turn on the game, kick back, get down, do it however you like it. If the journey to get Bay Street Yard “built” is any guide, being a patron will be just as inspiring.

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